No Ads.
No Eavesdropping.

OG Social is the ad-free, no nonsense social network.

Built by the people, for the people; we are taking social media back to the way it used to be, OG. 













What is OG.Social?

We’re tired of the current social media platforms that seem like they are broken on purpose. What was wrong with a chronological feed? Why do I get ads about things I’ve only talked about? Why can you only put a link in the profile? NO MORE! OG.Social rights all of these wrongs!



  • Chronological order for main feed, stories and search
  • Stories with thumbnail view, disappear after 36 hours
  • Web Links anywhere in the post
  • Built-in Repost that tags the OP
  • Anonymized analytics for all users
  • User controlled content filtering
  • Ability to disable your DM’s
  • Many more that we aren’t listing on our website yet 😊

but why though…

Dozens of social media platforms exist, so why the need for another? Because we do things differently. 

Your Privacy Matters To US

OG doesn’t watch your activity or listen to your conversations.  We charge users upfront, so we don’t have to do anything shady on the backend.

We don't Have Ads!

OG doesn’t rely on selling ad space or user data to operate. We won’t interrupt you every 4th post, or with an un-skippable 6 second video while you’re creeping on your ex…

Only Real Users

Every account that exists on our platform is paid for and verified. No bots or fake accounts.