No Ads. 
No Eavesdropping. 

We pay creators!


Privacy you deserve

Links in Description

Anonymized analytics

Content Filtering

OG Features

    • Stop giving away your content on other platforms
    • We pay $1 per month for each user bring to OG.Social, forever
      1. Starting at 100 sponsors
      2. Paid Monthly
      3. No cap on earnings limit
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    • Show support to another account by using our built in Repost
    • Tags the original poster automatically
    • Edit or add to the existing post description
    • Watch any of your feeds in a full screen slideshow
    • Tap forward or back and swipe up to engage like your used to on Stories
    • Auto-rotate full screen to take advantage of that nice screen you have
  • Some platforms open links within their app to maximize tracking and use time.  This limits functionality and requires additional sign ins.  OG.Social links outside the app so you can take full advantage of your other applications and accounts.
  • Metadata from pictures usually contains the exact GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken.
  • OG.Social strips Metadata from all photos before upload, protecting your privacy and security when posting photos of your children, home, cars, etc.
  • We don’t track your every move like other platforms, and we help you not to be tracked elsewhere.
    • Left or right handed layout
    • Set photo playback speed for stories and slideshows
    • Choose your top three emoji’s for quick engagement
  • Not everyone wants to Direct Message on Social Media.  We give each account the ability to enable or disable their DM’s.
  • Minimize exposure for underage users with public accounts
  • Allows businesses to direct traffic to their existing communication channels
    • Feel free to ❤️ any post you want without worrying what someone else might think.  Only the creator can see who’s engaged with their post.
    • The number of views, taps, reposts, and emoji engagement is available for all posts, but the data is anonymized.  
    • Who you follow, and who’s following you is also private
    • Ad’s on Social have gotten out of control.  Sometimes every 4th post?  That’s like listening to music where every 4 minute song contains 1 full minute of commercials.  
    • Many of the ads on social media are for poor quality products sold by any random with a Shopify that has $20 for an ad campaign.
    • The ads are so personalized and targeted it becomes creepy.  Most of us have seen ads on social media about something we’ve only talked about.

Making money with OG is easy

Free Social isn’t Free

The true cost of free social media is too high.  Other platforms are making billions off exploiting your personal information and browsing data.  They don’t share those billions with creators and they employ practices to keep us in the app as long as possible.  It’s up to us to hold companies accountable for the mistreatment of our data.  Help us take on the goliaths, download OG.Social and take back your privacy.