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Sponsored Creator Program

The basis for starting OG.Social was around the Sponsored Creator Plan.  We want to help creators of all sizes turn their following into money, like an influencer base salary.  Just post your IG content on OG and bring your followers with you.  Instagram is making money off the ads they serve to your followers, but don’t share any of their 70-Billion-dollar annual revenue with you.

When a new user creates their OG.Social account, they are immediately prompted to select their Sponsored Creator.  OG.Social pays you $1 per sponsor, per month, in perpetuity.  If a user has an active OG subscription and you are set as their sponsored creator (user can change it once per year), you will be paid $1 per month.  Once you reach 100 sponsors you will be eligible to join the program and receive a monthly payout of $100+ dollars.  Payments are made to creators net 30 and there is no maximum payout limit.  You can view how many total, new, and historical sponsors that you have received from within the OG app.

We charge $4.99 /month for access to OG.Social (family discount plan also available).  Google Play and Apple App stores take 30% which leaves $3.49.  $1 goes to the Sponsored Creator which gives OG.Social $2.49 per user for Google Cloud storage fees, employees, and other company overhead.  We want to be transparent and share as much revenue with creators as possible.  Our goal is to provide creators with the ideal environment to engage with and monetize their following.  We are always open to suggestions for feature additions and improvements. This app is for you! Download logos to use for your content and view our sponsored creator agreement.


Payments are made through our global payment provider, Tipalti who process over 12 Billion annually. Once your OG account reaches 100 sponsors you will receive an invitation to join the Sponsored Creator Program.  You can then create and login to your Tipalti account and provide your preferred destination for deposits.  Select to be paid as an individual or business and how you would like to receive your money.

There are four different payout methods for you to choose from:  Direct Deposit/ACH, Check, Paypal, and Wire transfer.  Each method has its own transaction fee.  ACH is the lowest at $1 per transfer, regardless of the amount.  These are all banking fees, OG.Social does not receive any portion of the transaction fees.  Your personal and sensitive information is only stored with Tipalti on their secure servers.  OG.Social and our employees do not have any access to this data.





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