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New Ad-Free Social Platform OG.Social Launches with Revenue Generation for Creators

Buena Park, California, United States. January 12, 2020 – OG.Social announces the launch of its new social platform – an app looking to revolutionize the way creators and influencers earn money. Focusing on creators and users, instead of the typical brands and advertisers, OG.Social will always be ad free, have a chronological feed and will leverage Google’s Cloud Vision AI to implement user controlled content filtering. Its Sponsored Creator Program allows creators to turn their followers into revenue. Unlike most social platforms, whose business model revolves around your personal data, OG.Social aims to be a safe, friendly and fun platform that allows creators and users to share content and engage with their family, friends, and followers.

A $4.99 monthy subscription fee provides user access to this unique platform, allowing for an ad-free environment. Each user is prompted to select which creator they would like to sponsor at sign up, earning that creator $1 a month. This recurring revenue stream is a new way for creators to be paid that is completely unattached to brands or views. When creators reach 100 sponsors they are eligible for their first payment of $100 per month. This is the most accessible paid social platform available which allows creators and influencers of all sizes to convert their following into a salary with only the sky as the limit.

Payments to creators are sent through Tipalti , a licensed secure payment provider, enabling OG.Social to send money all around the world to creators ages 13 and up (with parental consent for minors). The OG Creator Portal is where users will fill out a W-9 form and select their preferred payout method: Direct Deposit/ACH, Check, Paypal, and Wire transfer. This personal information is only stored with Tipalti on their secure servers, OG.Social management and employees do not have any access to this data.

Stuart Byus, Founder and CEO of OG.Social said: Social Media gives us the ability to share memories and engage with friends, family and creators all around the world. The platform is just the tool though, the people are what bring it to life and make it special. It is up to the platform to provide quality services that users want, and no one is there for the ads. Privacy infringements, too many ads and constantly changing algorithms are just the start of what current platforms are being accused of. It’s time to trade in that old 2010 model for a brand new 2021.

OG Social is utilizing best in class cloud technologies to create the ideal social platform for users that is fast, fun to use and family safe. Download OG.Social now, support your favorite creator while getting rid of ads and protecting your privacy.

About OG Social:

OG Social is a new Ad-Free Social Media App that lets users decide which creators paid. $1 a month in perpetuity for each follower that is brought over to OG. Charging for services up front means no fake accounts and never having to exploit user privacy. OG founder Stuart Byus is a creator on YouTube with a background in IT and Social Media Management. This experience provided a unique insight into what an ideal social platform would be, and the Southern California based team to build it.

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